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  • 08551 Tona (Barcelona)    
  • info@katakrak.com    
  • (34) 646.255.079

Get into Katakrak

Katakrak is a street art company founded in 2005 and rooted in creativity, recycling, and play. In our workshop we make original and unique creations by recycling disused industrial waste and basic household objects, turning them into something completely different.

Through our work we stress that the reuse of objects is not only an important way to reduce waste but it also allows us to be more independent and self-sufficient in the way we live, and empowers us to develop creatively.

Our installations require active public participation, essential if we are to take back our plazas, parks and streets and turn them into places where we can come together to share and play.

Combining our own production with our passion to share the creative process, we have devised a series of participatory workshops, Trastuss.

In 2014 we moved our workshop to La Fábrica, a creative activities compound in Sant Miquel de Balenyà, where we share with other collectives (Cosmos, Itinerània, Calaix del Pa i Anscuina, El Camp). Together we are building a fun arts and culture space for the community, and a hotbed of creativity.