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TRASTUSS creative workshops

In 2016 we start organizing participative workshops for building games with recycled material, with the minimum structure for small groups and schools. We believe that everyone can be creative and improve their skills if given the right environment and encouragement.
We started at Gruntdvig in Lille, a European meeting on sustainable development, and others followed such as the OPEN-ROULOTTE - Art Festival, Eco-workshops of creation with young people from Catalonia, Italy and Slovenia in our workshop, or the workshop for to adults held at the National Theater in Taipei, organized by the Culture Taipei Foundation.
From Katakrak we want to offer our experience and resources to spread the passion for the transformation of our environment and the perception that not everything is done.


In 2013 we meet Jean Luc and Nadine in La Fête des Tulipes (St.Denis-France).
They run the farm discovery "Ducazaux" in Donzacq (Chalosse-France), a space that combines a commitment to the land and its products, good quality food and the countryside as a space for art and entertainment. In 2014 they asked us to make some games for their space, and games were designed to be permanent: duck, frog and cow; Three versions of the games of l'Animalada. The proposal is highly valued by Ducazaux visitors and in 2016 we decided to return to work and expand Katakrak fauna.

Games repair workshop

The association Tapís, among other labor reinsertion programs, manages "Actua", a training project with reward for the salary to accompany the socio-labor insertion of young people between the ages of 16 and 25, in a situation of unemployment, with low levels of education or null work experience. The itineraries are based on basic and transversal training, and on-the-job learning activities based on workshops such as the one on recycled paper (which forms the backbone of the program) and, since 2015, also the one on Repairing managed games by Sandra Sardà from Katakrak and Núria Aragay from the Cia. Intrinsic.
During some months, groups of 5 to 8 young people went through the Games and Toys Workshop every Monday afternoon. There they works on formal aspects of the world of work (punctuality, time management, attitude, workshop logistics, area manager, etc.) and also training aspects related to the tasks we develop: concepts of electricity, tools, techniques assembly, paints, batteries, etc. At the end of the module we set up a stand for a couple of days at the local merkatplace of Vic and sell the games and toys they had fixt.
The idea is that through this project, young people learn very diverse aspects at a basic level for any professional work outing and we also try to give them the illusion of developing a project and working for someone they believe in.

The Factory: Enclosure of creative activities

Shcool visits to Katakrak workshop

We want to share our passion for creating and recycling and show in depth what our curious work is about.
You will be able to see the insides of a creative workshop, learn about tools and materials and get the idea of a creative, risky and continuous learning profession.

WEIRD ANIMALS exhibition

“Animalada” is a clear example of creative and healthy thinking. This series of animals created by the company Katakrak, combine three principal ideas:
A belief that we need to reduce waste, recycle materials and reuse objects; a passion for games and what happens when you put them into public space; finally, the need to create and discover similar aesthetics between the found or recovered objects and actual animals.
The result can be interpreted in a number of ways, but the one we prefer is more poetic in approach: By giving a new use to these discarded objects, the new forms take us back, metaphorically speaking, to the first and most genuine level of all existence - the natural world, where everything came from and to where everything – toxic or not – will one day return.
Weird Animals is a series of photographs of “Animalada” that address the issue of recycling and waste in a powerful way. Placing the animals in their natural habitat suggests a possible future for our planet. The idea of ​​being surrounded by “recycled” animals terrifies us all. We hope that this work raises awareness about how we manage waste, and that these weird animals will remain games, and not become part of real life.

The games of Seu d'Urgell

One of our dreams: that all cities have their own games, made with recycled objects from the city itself or its activities.
The town hall of La Seu d'Urgell (Catalonia) already has its recicled games, with which citizens can play the day of municipal market. For a more inclusive project, katakrak can build the games together with local associations or collectives. Let's build games!

Formative workshop and creative game building

For two months we gave a project to create games with young people, in "l'Escorxador", Manlleu, Barcelona. Three participative ludic instalations companies, game experts and social workers provided specific training in welding, carpentry, DIY tools and techniques, game dynamics and creative dynamism. Then, in a second block, we moved on to free creation.
It was a project organized by Kataktrak, Tapis, the OPE of Manlleu and financed by the SOLC and the City Council of Manlleu. The aim was to train young people at risk of social exclusion.
The games resulting from the workshop form an installation that is animated by the creative participants themselves and jointly managed by Katakrak and the city council.

Sibiu kids (Romania)

On this occasion, for the creation of the games we are starting from kids drawings with the theme "Ecology", three awarned drawings in a commpetition organized by the ecological association Joaca from Sibiu (Romania 2018) which entrusted us with the project.
Three games came out of it, one for each drawing awarded in categories according to the educational level: children's, initial and primary. Both the design of the games and their dynamics are totally inspired by the drawings. A creative work that we hope to be able to repeat in the future.

Poem-Chairs in femenine.

Cafe Central Editorial is an independent publishing house of poetry with great cultural content, with which we have a close relationship.
In 2018 we proposed to create small ludo-literary challenges with recycled chairs. In each of them, there are the words that make up a verse of the poems chosen by their authors. The pieces are made of different materials in relation to the poem. We invited the audience to use these words to create their own verses, or to try to figure out what the author actually wrote.e ludo-literary challenges with recicled chairs. In each one of them, there are the words that make up a verse of the poems chosen by their authors. The pieces are made of diferent materials in relation to the poem. We invited the public to use those words to create their own verses, or to try to find out what the author actually wrote.

Project "ART I ESCOLA"

"ART I ESCOLA" is a project with the objective to promote and value the presence of art in the shcool.
It is promoted by ACVIC Contemporary Arts Center and the Center for Pedagogical Resources of Osona. People and entities linked to art collaborate, including Katakrak. Each year a very broad theme is set (chaos, play, taboo, care, etc.) and each school develops its artistic projects freely. At the end of the school year there is a presentation and an exhibition at ACVIC of the work done.