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  • 08551 Tona (Barcelona)    
  • info@katakrak.com    
  • (34) 646.255.079

The Andròmina is a mobile and multifaceted space where participants can learn about and experience what a creative process is like through the exciting world of creating games with recovered objects.

  •  We start the experience with a self-guided tour with challenges and playful proposals and a mini exhibition of games to more easily enter the later free creation space.

  •  In the trailer, in the central space are the ingredients to create a good game: tools, materials, objects and an expert to help if needed. Inside, a photocall to immortalize the new proposals and their creators. And, around, well-equipped tables.

  •  It is a facility to create, to share, to experiment and to emphasize that if we have the right environment we can all be generators of ideas and proposals.

With the Andròmina playing becomes learning, motivation in ideas, projects in constructions and play and you in the main protagonists. Let's try?