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  • 08551 Tona (Barcelona)    
  • info@katakrak.com    
  • (34) 646.255.079

With Trastuss, with its workshops, Katakrak hopes to share its experience and resources, helping to inspire in others the desire to transform the environment and build a perception of the world in which not everything has been invented.

Trastuss allows us to develop a creative attitude, teamwork and individual empowerment, deepen our understanding and increase our skill level. We also learn how to work with recovered objects and materials, use basic tools and assembly techniques, and create aesthetic and dynamic ideas for games, etc...

The workshop has a social dimension because we can create a public event to present the new gadgets and games made during the workshop. It also includes an environmental dimension because we offer a sustainable addition to store bought commercial games.

The workshop experience can be designed in many ways:

  •  Tailored to different ages and the different needs (schools –different levels-, technical schools, youth groups, neighborhood associations, elderly people, and all other types of collectives).
  •  We can provide a one-day workshops or longer. A workshop can take place over a period of consecutive days or weekly or monthly. For the longer workshops we can provide for more complex tools and objects allowing participants to elaborate more fun, interactive gadgets.
  •  A workshop can take place in our space making use of all our tools and available material, or we can come to your space.

We can also complement a workshop by offering live demonstrations of Katakrak’s different games building a better understanding of our creative environment and line of work.

We believe that the workshops are an effective way to raise awareness and build a shared sense of self-sufficiency, recycling and creativity.

Artist Sheet:
Ideas: Sandra Sardà
Design and construction: Núria Aragay and Sandra Sardà
Contact: Sandra Sardà (info@katakrak.com)